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My Xikar Exploded
So, yesterday I go to open my Xikar Spectra, and the thing falls apart in my hand.  In addition to the 3 metal pieces that we all see when holding a Xikar, there is a a small spring and metal V shaped clasp.  The little fastening piece/rivet that holds everything togeter also fell apart.  

I know Xikar will repair/replace it, just a pain in the butt.  After looking at some picture of the Spectra, I think mine was faulty from the start.  In all the pics I have seen, the little rivet at the bottom has a hex nut holding it all together.  I don't think mine ever had a hex nut.  Probably why it fell apart.  Oh Well, onto my backup Xikar (which was recently replaced by Xikar).
Sorry bud. At least you are confident they will make good on it.

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