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My E mail from Litto Gomez.
Scott,Thanks,the point is great and worth to study.

All the best to you guys.


> This is an enquiry e-mail via from:
> scott glenn (bipolar) <>
> Hey Litto,
> First of all...great product. Yours are my favorite blends.
> I was sitting with some fellas in the Old South Tobacco store in
Macon, Ga. the other day, and the topic came up that cigar bands were a
pain in the ass to remove, and sometimes tore the wrapper. A guy named
Mike came up with the idea that if the band was moved closer to the
head of the cigar, that it would not have to be removed at all, and
that all wrapper problems would then be solved. I know this might
sound crazy, but nothing sucks as bad as a torn wrapper, and having the
band nearer to the head would convey the message that the cigar is
indeed worthy of nubbing. I told Mike I'd e mail you and give you this
information. I'd buy em.
> Thanks for humoring me, and take it easy.
> scott
welcome to the wonder that is litto.

[Image: morpheus_2L.jpg]
Thats awesome that he replied to you! However I just leave the band on and smoke the cigar all the way down close to the band and it usually has no problems coming off. I believe they use the same vegetable based glue that they use to roll the cigars to attach the band.
This is a awsome story thats great!!! congrats[bravo2]
I started the sit down video.....The Transporter!!

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