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Well, it’s been a while folks, been a very busy Parkster and not been on much as a result.

However, in between very long days, poor internet and everything else I have to contend with in Africa, I get to try and keep on top of business back home as well. We bought an older house a couple of years back, and it seems that every time we start a renovation project, a “must be done immediately “ job pops it’s head up (usually right in the middle of the project).

We had a warped rear door just as we started work on my daughters room ... £££

Right in the middle of the kitchen refit my garage rear door split its post ... £££

Just as we were on the home straight of the dining room refit, the front vestibule door decided to start leaking ... £££

Just as we finished all of the above, the local authorities granted us permission to extend our drive way ... if we did it before the end of the year ... £££££££

So, can you imagine that just as we complete all of the above, just in time for me getting on a much deserved flight out of Africa to see my girls and celebrate Christmas that Mrs P calls to tell me the tar is melted on the new driveway, the new front vestibule door is gone ... last seen heading in to orbit, the rear door window has been blown out and has left shrapnel in the rear fence that looks like some evil frost queen has been throwing ice daggers at my neighbors and that her prized possession of the worlds most expensive faucet is now just a puddle of brass at the base of her Belfast sink?

What did I do to be on the list for Mumaclause?

[Image: 77414ff5aad1bcc696bfc62c2117a5b1.jpg]

Thank you very, very much Jimmie .... it’s very humbling to know you think of me while I’m out of contact for such prolonged periods.

My NY family.

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That's great, awesome box. Jealous
No Justice, No Peace!
That's Beautiful!
If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
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Great choice of sticks too!
This is my boomstick!
Every now & then the oil man needs a reminder.
Besides, I'm building up my inventory for when Mrs. Mum & I make the trip overseas.
I figure Parkster would cover the scotch so the least I could do was have him babysit a few stogies.
The only hitch is he's thinking of charging me a storage fee.  Tongue 
I forgot to check the date should be on the back of the box.
Enjoy Dave, smoke a few, save a few..
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Great looking sticks!
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