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Mum's the man
I'm a big rush fan and when I found out that a brewery near mum's hideout was brewing a beer to honor the late great Neil Peart I asked a jimmy to pick me up some. He stepped up and drive about hour away to pick it up for me. Not only did he do me a solid, him and the transporter taunted me me all summer drinking can after can. I picked up a fiver of the  Perdomo firecracker and was packed up and sent. I recived them and my Beer. I was so excited, made my week. I've need supporting my school district remote learning past few weeks and I'm trashed. It really picked up my spirits. Thanks Jimmy, I really appreciate it!
[Image: IMG-20200916-163604.jpg]
[Image: IMG-20200916-163549.jpg]
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If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
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Good stuff!!!
I love Carton brews, nicely done Jim
This is my boomstick!
Maybe if Larry's  good boy the rest of the year he might get another one for Christmas. 
That is if I don't finish them or I guess I can send him the empty can.

Glad it got there. I figure if I seal it with the "Seal  a Meal " bag that would help.
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Great job, Jimmie, that is awesome! I’m going to have to show that to one of my cigar buddies out here!


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