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Montecristo Edmundo
sergione Wrote:Love the review Tom. I had one and thought it was out of this world when it came to flavor, just a good cigar.

Tank, just smoke one to get a feel for it, 3-4 years is a long time to wait, heck 3-4 minutes is long.....go to the humi and make this your next smoke, you will not be dissapointed


The old saying "once you crack the seal it all flows out".  Just like taking a piss after you are drinking--once you start you can't stop.  I have a couple of boxes of Habanos that are intact.  I promised to let them sit for at least 3 years before breaking into them.
  You should atleast try them. You might miss out on alot in three years! But thats me, if I like them now, I'm going to smoke them now. I might not be here tomorrow.
Mmmm, I've had one of these... DELICIOUS! Tongue
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You're very welcome Tom.  I pretty much agree 100% with your take on the cigar.

Also, I agree with Mark that they could use more time, I would say 5 years minimum would be ideal, but I also enjoy them fairly new as well.

Tom..if I recall correctly these cigars were Nov or Dec of 06
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MikeD Wrote:Tom..if I recall correctly these cigars were Nov or Dec of 06

Good to know, i had meant to ask.  Thanks again man, for a very enjoyable experience.

Big Grin
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