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Monday Aug,14th 2006
Happy belated Tommy. Hope you enjoyed it bro.
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Gives the birthday boy a hug kiss and hug

[party][color="blue"]HAPPY BIRTHDAY[/color] [party]
belated Happy B-Day, Tommy. 


hope all is well for you in your neck of the woods.
Thank you everyone,The Pug feels loved!
HAPPY HAPPY Belated B-Day to the Pug!!


I don't have ESP. Happy birthday dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Image: taart.gif]
Bluesman455 Wrote:I don't have ESP. Happy birthday dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Image: taart.gif]
Good one Bluesman!   [smokin2]
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Happy belated 45th Tommy! You are approaching the hill mighty fast! Keep up the good work.

 [Image: 13_10_10.gif] 
Freakin' ray of sunshine, ain't I.
I was in Aruba TTG... I have an excuse but in truth there is no excuse...



[Image: party-smiley-015.gif][Image: party-smiley-021.gif][Image: party-smiley-029.gif][Image: party-smiley-021.gif][Image: party-smiley-050.gif][Image: party-smiley-020.gif]

[Image: party-smiley-049.gif][Image: party-smiley-038.gif][Image: party-smiley-051.gif]
Tommy2guns Wrote:It was my Birthday and nobody wished me a Happy B-day.The Pug is heartbroken.

We all knew... we just didn't want to embarass you by telling everyone you're a year older Wink  Hope your 2 kids, Mark and Joe, got you a nice gift for their old man Big Grin


Happy belated birthday Tommy Smile
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