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Maria mancini Degaulle mad.
just wanted to give a quick review on the stick i had last night. i purchase the MM Degaulle mad. about a month ago. i had been meaning to try it for some time but in the quest for bigger fish it got lost in the shuffle.On to the review..


measuring 4.75 with a 52 box pressed ring with and an almost rustic wrapper the De gaulle is very unassuming.the cigar is firm and looks to be well made.

after a small clip and a quick light i was on my way.the draw started out little tight and produce very little smoke.the initial taste was very earthy and medium bodied.within minutes a moderate amount of spice followed.  about a quater of the way in..BAM..the draw opened up and the cigar turned full bodied. the flavor was of a sweet(slight)spice with an earthy core.Then, like someone gave me another cigar the flavors dropped off and the cigar turned mild. with in a few puffs the spice a strength came back but not all the way.leaving me with what i'd call medium body.the finish is long without ever getting harsh.i smoked it past the band(i never do that) and the finish was pleasant w/ little after taste.

Overall, i'd give these a  B.  You can easily find these on the net for under $35/box. A great value!ENJOY
I agree.. I loved the one Ive had, and a box will be purchased shortly.
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