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Man, do I miss my boat
The Megabyte is all packed up and ready for hibernation... I spent around 3 hours per day the last 5 days unrigging her. Tomorrow I bring her over the the boat yard and tie her up in the work slip. Monday they haul her.

I am so lost. Almost makes weekends feel too long... (almost).

I guess I'll just have to post more.
How long is the hibernation?
If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
Never apologize mister, it's a sign of weakness. - Capt. Nathan Cutting Brittles
Didn't realize you had to put her away for the winter. That sucks.
Tonto The Long Island Sidekick Wrote:How long is the hibernation?

Well, lets call it from today... Until the first weather break where I can have the covers removed (no wind and after mid march)... then if it isn't freezing, I go down and with a crew of 3 we compound and wax the hull (takes 4 8 hour days with 4 people, having only weekends it could take us into April)), then I give the marina the green light to paint tnd prep the bottom (that is if no repairs are needed)...


The overall goal is some time in April for the flounder and mackerel season. but often it has gone into June...
Skipper the cigar aFISHinodo Wrote:I guess I'll just have to post more.
And smoke more cigars!
Me too!!!
I have been boatless for the first time since a kid 6yrs ago.
Soon,a new boat shall appear.I am going brand new this year and something no bigger than 30ft with a cabin below,bathroom with shower but more back deck room for fishing.A walkaround would be nice,something Like a Grady White with a small tower.
I am not a fan of outboards just because I feel it would get in the way of my fishing when fish are on and fighting.I know there easier(to work on),cheaper,and faster though.
bartok Wrote:
Skipper the cigar aFISHinodo Wrote:I guess I'll just have to post more.
And smoke more cigars!

most of my smoking was on the boat!



Well, I brought her over today... I actually said bye as I drove off seeing her sitting there all alone...

I miss the megabyte.

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