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Major Announcement with Oliva
(09-13-2012, 09:18 AM)Skipper the cigar aFISHinodo Wrote: It is as good for Padilla as it was for Toranos started being distributed by CAO.
Padilla now has the Oliva sales force selling and promoting his cigars. These same reps will now be doing ST, Oliva and Padilla events. Stay tuned...

That's what I was thinking of... though that decision by Torano may have been good numbers-wise, I think that is caused them to suffer a little bit too. My experience with the situation being that I used to smoke a fair bit of Torano back in the day, and was good friends with a couple of their reps out here. They did tons of events, had rollers come out, and all sorts of things to the point that they put me to work on more than once occasion - translating for the roller, passing out swag, etc. It was a smallish family-run business, etc. When they went into business with CAO, the reps were out jobs. And we never saw another event out here. Hell, the shops I had contact with at the time had a hell of a time getting in touch with a CAO rep to even talk about CAO product. They lost that family type of feel, and I was happy to hear they took control back when CAO sold out to General. Though I haven't smoked Torano in quite some time, I am happy to see them going back to the way they were.

That is what I mean in saying that I hope that it is a good move for Padilla - he has had some fantastic cigars with his name on them, and I would hate to see the increased distribution end up causing other scrifices in the business.


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