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Mail box damage (also 56k damage)
edited out pics that had address in, I gotta rebuilt my mail box first Tongue

Either you guys have good eyes, or I'm getting better at pictures.

Thanks again Ryan Smile
US_Tank Wrote:
davidwys Wrote:[user=932]US_Tank[/user] wrote:
Quote:Yeah those engineers cannot count anything! 

Watch it there! Some engineer had to program that calculator you are using...hah!


Ah shucks, I use my head.  No wonder I am always off.
Which head are you using?   Always shooting off? must be one tired lad.Big Grin
Freakin' ray of sunshine, ain't I.
Ace$nyper Wrote:[user=37]Djaric[/user] wrote:
Quote:Max, you had it coming for a while.  I just got around to it finally.
What did I do?

I came to your wedding bearing a gift.

You will suffer!

[Image: moon.gif]
Thats a NICE hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it's all that NEW math they teach you youngsters now-a-days.
Awesome hit! Dig the Mac Book too [thumbsup]

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