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La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor?
Yes Ari, was enjoying one at the local tobacconist here in Raleigh. Empire Cigars. Great place to stop after work.

B-Dub, The Cigar Ambassador has a similar but nicer fridge in his Man Cave. Very nice, I must say....Wish I had one too, but not in my cards at the moment.

(10-08-2012, 06:43 PM)Ari Wrote: LOL, just after I posted I noticed the retail soda fridge next to the t.v. haha! I need one of those.


"If there are no cigars in Heaven, I shall not go." --Mark Twain
Usually choosing my cigar for the evening is an agonizing process, but this thread has been gnawing at me since it popped up. I had one last E.E. sitting around, having had the other months ago. I remember thinking it was alright, but wasn't that enamored by it. Well, I'm really enjoying this one. It's a corona, but its burning nice and slow. Great draw. Great flavor, with a nice lingering tobacco taste on the tongue. Seriously thinking its time to buy a few more!!!
Absolutely love the Mi Amore.

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