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LG Small Batch No 1

When a tobacco grower tries something new, he has little idea how the end product will turn out, and it can take years before the final taste is realized. Back in 2002, Litto Gomez tried a few experiments with seeds on his tobacco farm in La Canela, Dominican Republic. He planted some Sumatra and Corojo seeds.

The tobacco turned out wonderfully, but Gomez didn't have much of it to work with. "It's too good to go to waste, but there's not enough to put on a regular cigar," said the maker of La Flor Dominicana and LG smokes. So Gomez created a limited edition, called Litto Gomez Small Batch No. 1. The all-Dominican cigar is wrapped with that sun-grown Sumatra seed and has some of the Corojo as filler, both of which were grown in 2002.

The cigars come in one size, 7 inches by 52 ring gauge, and are packed in crates of 105. Only 20,000 cigars were made, and they are at a limited number of retailers now.

What a fantastic looking cigar.  The oils are so heavy on this thing that they actually left marks on the paper between the cedar dividers in the box.  Decided to pair it with a Guiness Extra Stout and I'm still not sure which one looked daker.

Pre-light is somewhere between the taste of the LG Diez line and the Factory Press I.  Same cocoa and tobacco hints as the FP but with more spice like the Diez.  Pretty loose draw which I don't mind if it doesn't burn hot and with this much tobacco I'm thinking there's little chance of that.

It took the flame like a champ and was razor sharp from the get go.  Tons of billowy clouds of smoke with the cocoa and tobacco flavors on the pre-light being obvious.  Really a good start.  Surprised at how little spice there is initially.  First third was smooth and creamy with the LG sneaky power somewhere under there...I'm sure of it.

This thing kept right on with the cocoa and tobacco flavors all along and simply kept building in strength all along.  Went from somewhere short of medium to a full out assault of full body and flavor at the end.  If there is a knock on LG / LFD cigars IMHO, they are a little lacking in complexity.  Despite that, anything I've smoked by Litto Gomez has been nothing short of a great smoking experience when you want a full bodied, full flavored cigar.  This one hits that on the mark with a more graceful subtle approach.

Not sure it's worth the price tag at this point since it's really not far off from the LFD DL lineup.  I've got a few more that will rest a while so we'll see about them then.  Still, another winner from LG.
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Nice review Headley.  The wrapper alone on this cigar is just beautiful, a year will bring it all together imo, blend wise. 
"God is a havana smoker, I've see his gray clouds"
Nice review Jim I can't believe the sheen on these!!! Like Bob said I bet that these will be dynamite with a little bit of age on them!
Almost nutted when I saw the picture of the opened box of these in the P0RN section........(no pun intended)...........these oily sexy things are...well...just that,SEXY!
I want a box!

Thanks for the review.
Smoked one while watching Stanford win in OT over Marquette.

These cigars are beautiful and oily.  I love the LG Diez line, so I had to try them.  Ordered two (singles, NOT boxes) from Jack Schwartz a while ago and finally pulled one out.

I don't usually smoke cigars this big.  I am a corona and robusto guy, expanding into lanceros lately.

I thought it was a very good cigar.  Well made.  Draw was tight for me at first. Tasty, a little like an Anejo, I think.  Not sure what else to compare it to.  Sneaky strength indeed.  Is it worth the price?  I guess thats relative.  I think I paid around $18 each.  I will save the other one for a while and revisit.
The first time Rob & I smoked them...they were mind altering! Tongue Cool

They have mellowed with age, thou.
If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
It got realy good during the last third, but it seemed to take too long to get there.
Magnum PI Wrote:It got realy good during the last third, but it seemed to take too long to get there.

Yeah, I know what you mean about the time.

When they are fresh & practically dripping with the oils, you really don't care about time when you were smoking them!Big Grin "Hallucinogenic" was one word that Rob used!
If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
Good review
I love them, but they are just too big for me.  I really think I prefer the small batch 2, which is a slightly smaller cigar.  I am looking forward to seeing how the small batch 2's age...
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