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Kaluha ( I think)
So hubby and I were sitting in the back yard smoking cigars, having conversation and listening to our children argue in the house..

I was smoking this lovely cigar that was a bit annoying.. I apparently am lousy at cigar smoking.. I had to relight it at least 3 times and it didn't burn evenly.. but that may just have been how I lite the thing.. very annoying... but lightly flavored and easy to smoke otherwise.. I was drinking a  Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile which was very nice with it.  The wine enhanced the slight sweet of the cigar and the cigar didn't make the wine taste bad. 

I had the conversation that I need shorter cigars.. I don't smoke fast enough or want to smoke an entire cigar apparently.. so we're going to look at something shorter.. I know very technical..

so there it is I enjoyed the Kaluha (I'm sure hubby will have the full name) but disliked having to relight often.  It goes well with a lightly fruited red wine..

Was it a Cojimar?
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I read from Cigar Insider that the Kahlua line was bought out and will be discontinued.  Just an FYI in case you wanted to get more.
B-Dub Cigar Ambassador Wrote:Was it a Cojimar?

It was one of the Drew Estates Kahlua Torpedos, as bombed to her from VitaminG.

I took a couple draws from it and it was a refreshingly nice flavored cigar.

It had a mild, light tobacco taste and the Kahlua flavor played it off quite well.

I was surprised. Something from Drew Estates that I actually liked.

The wife really liked it too. If they are being discontinued I guess I should by some up...
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