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July 10th....The Conspiracy
already have my ticket for this little gathering.
I found the Cigar shop last weekend while waiting for my wife to have some girl time with her friends before her school reunion party we went to. Cool Place....they have a smoking room in the back that ROCKS!!
Of will be taken and I will brag about my scoresBig Grin

[Image: 001-69.jpg]
NSCO - Ohio Chapter[Image: aikido.gif]
Your gonna have a great time at the event..
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Sounds like a great time brother!
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Looks like a good time.
I like smoking lightning
Have fun!
You'll definitely enjoy it. Worth the wait!!!


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[Image: RobbieofCordova-2.gif]
(07-02-2010, 02:43 AM)Robbie Wrote: You'll definitely enjoy it. Worth the wait!!!


[Image: 45e0c20e.jpg]

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I have a pic of that guy from two years ago.
Nice, looks like an awesome time Andy!!
This is my boomstick!
You should have a great time for sure
Very cool Andy!

Take pics, for sure!!!!
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