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Jose Seijas Signature
Jose Seijas, Master Blender of Tabacalera de Garcia and maker of many of the world's most sought after cigars, such as H. Upmann, Montecristo, Romeo & Julieta and Trinidad, has created the exquisite cigars from small lots of choice, aged tobaccos that he has set aside for his personal use. Jose has generously created this blend and allowed us to use his name on the cigar. We hope you enjoy this first in a series of very special, limited edition cigars.

Ring Gauge: 52 Length: 6 1/2 " Wrapper: Sungrown Habanos 2000 from San Andreas MX Binder: Olor Filler: Ligero and Seco from Dominican Republic
Have not smoke it yet,a week from now I will,review to follow.She smells beautifullll!
Dark Sungrown wrapper.Solid construction with a cream/fruit smell,very nice looking cigar,dbl cap,doesnt look to be triple.Slightly veiny,very small tooth but alot of tooth.

Review $14 it better be spectacular.I passed on  an ESG, opus,and anejos(of course I grabbed some of those too),for this baby.
Wow,I thought for sure someone has heard of these....I will go back through old issues of various cigar rags and see if there is any mention of these.
It is a high ended boutique cigar.I am anxious to smoke this but it is clearly a bit on the higher %rh side.
I have heard of these smokes, but never seen one and don't know anyone who has ever smoked one
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cant wait for your review CP...but if anyone has an idea about these cigars

i would like to hear what you think
Not only do I not know what's going on, I wouldn't know what to do about it if I did.
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Sound interesting, but at $14 it better be good!
Buy From Eric at
Bearded Dad Blog:

Sounds like it has potential.
Let us know!
Well did this cigar ever get smoked\reviewed? Smile. I just bought a couple and was wondering! I found them a little cheaper and in 3 sizes. If anyone wants the link PM me and Ill send it to you! The sticks were in great shape and look wonderful! Apparently there are only 18 retailers in the world?!?! Can this be true or just hype? Mason.
I did smoke it,kind of on a bad day for me so I couldn't really gather the thoughts on this while smokeing it.I wanted to,to give an accurate review but,such is life.

A quick review on this would be;
white pepper flavor in back of throat at beginning
burned and smoked perfectly,no flaws throughout
Taste changed to add creamy/nutty flavors along with that white pepper flavor....hint of fruit so to speak.
I definately got in a better mood when smokeing this and it definately accompanied the glass of knobb creek I had.....perfectly I might add.
I'd buy more and say they are worth it.
I do feel they would fare way better with age but love them now.
Great strong smoke imo.
I was very intrigued by this smoke,complex and very different then most smokes I have smoked in its class.I am afraid the price will prevent most from trying this no name boutique cigar.

Sorry for not getting back to ya'll and writeing a review in the proper forum,things are a tad rough here at the moment.
I hope things get better for you! I in no way was trying to put stress on ya! I bought them, brought them home and searched the forum for them and found your post! Ill keep you in mind and like I said I hope smoother sailing is ahead for you! Take care, mason

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