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J. Fuego Gran reserva No. 1 Robusto
Ok guys, this is my very first review so go easy on me. I think this was a great choice for a first reiew!

Pre Light:

Very nice, sweet smell. Firm to the touch and tightly packed. This stick just came in the mail yesterday so it has not had much time to rest and is a little wet but I cant wait to try it so I’m going to torch it up! The wrapper looks pretty good with some bumps. The draw is a bit tight with a sweet taste.

Post light:

First draw met me rite at the tip of my tongue with the taste of Dr. Pepper. The flavor progressed to more of a molasses taste with some tangy mild spice and just a hint of leather and wood. The exhale through the nose was sweet and very smooth. This is a farley complex smoke at this point. I would say this cigar started out mild then made smooth and steady progression to a medium at about the half way point. Just after the half way point this thing really started to pickup. Most if not all of the sweetness went away and the tangy spice really started to dominate but still with a leathery finish. I had to let it go a little before I would have liked due to burn issues from being a tad bit over humidified. All in all I would say this is a very complex stogie and I think I would add dynamic to that as well. Delicate flavors balanced within a real power house of a cigar.

Hey its a great review.  Thanks for the info.
Nice review, thanks!

We had J. Fuego down here at TW for a tasting awhile back. Bit pricey for what they are, I thought, but definitely good 'gars.


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