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Introducing myself!
Hello there, I live in the southern UK, and I've found that I enjoy a cigar, and I want to learn more, and find what I really enjoy.  Outside of smoking, I like a drink; beer, cider, wine, gin, whisky, rum, calvados; and I like a good film, have a penchant for tv documentaries, I read a lot of non-fiction, especially history and science, and I really love a deep delve into a big collection of music with the specific intent of getting my mind out of it and my feet movin'.
Welcome to SC! 
What type / brands of stogies do you smoke? 
Enjoying a good book with a dram & cigar is always at the top of my list.

Heard you guys got a decent snowstorm the other day.,
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Welcome from Wisconsin!
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Hello  from Long Island, New York

Nice intro!  What have you read recently (in history and science) that you enjoyed?
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Welcome aboard!
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Howdy from south central PA.
...moving along...nothing left to see here.
Welcome from California!

Welcome from another Golden State guy! Good to have you here!
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