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Impromptu Modeto Herf
Got a text from part of the Nebraska crew, Dooley, this past week.   (Okay, he's in AZ now but will still always be an NE guy to     Turns out he was coming through Modesto on business, and his hotel was about 7 minutes from my house.

Things worked out, and he was able to stop by and herf.    We had a few cigars, and talked about all sorts of things - our work, cigars we're smoking, old SC herfs and members, and even some old drama.   Wink 

We started off with a 2005 PSD4, followed with a Siglo I, and then had variety of offerings that we burned.

Diamond Lion was able to join us after a bit, so we christened the outdoor Herfquarters in excellent form.

[Image: 59115570380-A0-BFB116-CDFC-48-FF-A8-DD-4...B4-EDA.jpg]


[Image: IMG-4546.jpg]

[Image: IMG-4547.jpg]

Thanks for the smokes and stopping by, Dooley!    Looking forward to next time!

That's great!
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Fun texting with you guys while i was in Arizona visiting  Cas.  Lol
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(09-29-2019, 04:14 PM)Jimmie the Mum Wrote: Fun texting with you guys while i was in Arizona visiting  Cas.  Lol

hahahahahahaha!!!   Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin


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