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ITC 10 year anniversary robusto
I was bombed with this smoke today by BrianEE93....

Thanks Brian!  It was a great smoke!

Pre light draw-
The pre light draw was very barnyard/hay like.  I like those flavors, so I was ready to enjoy!

1/3- The first third was mellow creaminess, with strong hay and barnyard flavors.  It didn't leave a lingering feeling on the palate, but was very tasty.

2/3- The spice started to kick up a little, and the hay flavor was mellowing out just a touch.  The spice reminded me of a camacho corojo quite a bit, but wasn't quite as strong.  Still great flavors, and smoke was billowing!
I should state that at this point, the original ash was still hanging on to the smoke!

3/3- Right as I started on the last 3rd of this smoke, the ash dropped off.  It was rather cool looking, I must say.  Solid ash, grey in color.  At this point, not much changed.  The spice was still there, as was the hay/barnyard flavor, still very enjoyable.

All in all, this was a good morning smoke, and by the time I was done with it, I wanted another.  I would recommend trying at least one, and I am now looking at getting a 5 pack from somewhere.  Good morning smoke with my Jose's Vanilla bean coffee!

Buy From Eric at
Bearded Dad Blog:

Great review Scott! I think these are the best constructed cigars I have ever smoked. The Toro seemed to give me a meat smoker kind of taste. Give Eric @ The Party Source a call about these.
Will do Brian!  Thanks again for the smoke.  It looked so good I just had to light it up.  The construction was incredible.
Buy From Eric at
Bearded Dad Blog:

I just picked up a lonsdale at the Lounge to try.  At $7.25 up here the price didn't seem too outrageous and I haven't smoked any RP's in quite the while so I'm looking forward to it in a week or two.  Thanks for the review.
Nice review, Scott. I picked up one of these a few weeks ago and its been relaxing in my humidor, but I think I might just have to smoke it this evening.
You should also try the Rocky Patel Decade.  I liked it a lot.  Much better than the Olde World reserve, IMO
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Thanks for the review Scott.
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