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I think I need to say this
I'm glad things are getting better for you Matt. I always considered you part of this loving family we call SC. 
I might add you have some posting to catch up on. 

Welcome back sweety Smile
Heck I must have missed that part, I never saw you be a ass hat, though I have been pretty irregular round these parts for a while.  that darn life thing getting in the way.

I gotta agree, life can really get bad, been htere done that, many times lately.  glad to hear it is getting better, hang in there, man.

welcome home.
we're all here to share the wonderful sh** sandwich that is life. s.c.'s motto may just be "no biggie."

well, no biggie. (not that i know what the biggie might have been in the first place)Big Grin
We all have those times, and we all have been down.  Hey, we're human.  I know that I have just started coming back after a big blow myself.  I didn't come close to losing my house, but things are to say the least, tight.  So we all can understand.  It's just good to see you back!
after being to the wall so to speak i've got new perspective.  don't judge anyone as you're not them and can't understand their stresses and strains.  do the best you can.  encourage and help others to do the best that they can.  we get further working together.

good luck.
I think I missed something again.  But whatever it was...don't sweat it.
I cant remember you being an ass Poop, so fuhgedaboudit.



The 2 most important days of your life are: The day you were born & the day you find out why

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