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I'm Such an Idiot I Have to Share This!
So tonight I'm cleaning up at home and I realize I haven't even looked at the mail from my vacation yet.  I start sorting and find a letter from my insurance agency telling me my coverage is to be terminated as of 12/8 for non-payment.Confusedhock:  WTF???  I paid that online before I left.  So I go and check my bank account and see that the payment was split into two payments - 1 in November and the other didn't go through until Dec. 1st.:X  Now I already know what the problem is so I call just to make sure they were both received and credited and that this is all a mistake.  The kid on the phone proceeds to tell me that, while they have received the payments since the one arrived late I do indeed need to pay the premium for it in full or my coverage will be terminated.  I immediately fly off the handle and ask to speak to someone who can fix this.  He tells me there's one problem.  The only person who can fix this is my agent.  I barely know what they guy looks like he's in the office so little!  So, long story short I'm pissed as hell because no one can help me and I'm thinking I'm going to be driving without coverage (technically) on Monday until I can get this cleared up.  Well, after 25 minutes on the phone yelling at this kid he says, "I'm sorry Mr. Carlson but i think you're still confused.  We're talking about the Honda, right?"  I told him yes.  It was then he reminded me of what i had just told him 10 times already.  "Well, you said that car's in storage right now and the coverage on your Land Rover's just fine, sir."

I think my agent went ahead and pulled the coverage on the Honda for the Winter without telling me.  I then very quickly said something to the effect of, "you're right, Ken.  I'm a dumbass.  have a wonderful holiday season and thanks for all your help!  God bless you and yours" and hung up the phone so fast!

Did you remember to send me those Sharks that I paid in full last month?  Tongue
We must be related Mac, my wife reckons we are long lost brothers as the story could have been me.

At least you appologised and probably gave the kid a laugh when you hung up.

The 2 most important days of your life are: The day you were born & the day you find out why
That poor kid.  You should be ashamed of yourselfTongue  At least he held his cool.  I have 10 CSS working for me and we have angry customers call daily as their gas is high, they are broke, etc.  Seems at times, all of the Worlds problems are our fault.  I don't know how these CSS's come to work everyday.  Some excel very well...others, well....they get their fill and eventually tell the Customers to F#CK OFF!!  Then, I post another Wanted Ad.

I have been with my carrier for EVER but I still don't think he would watchout for me like your guy did you.  awesome.
Great story Mac, sounds like something I would do as well.
What's the point in arguing or trying to make sense of something that is lost?
HaHa!  I just hate it when I put my foot in my mouth.  I like to think I've gotten better at avoiding it, but maybe I'm just more obtuse and forget about it quicker.
bartok Wrote:HaHa!  I just hate it when I put my foot in my mouth.  I like to think I've gotten better at avoiding it, but maybe I'm just more obtuse and forget about it quicker.
HAHA!  Some people are so bullheaded, they say, "Well, hummm, still, aahhhh." and never apologize.

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