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I Won - H. Upmann
Just got this Email from Halfwheel:

"Hi Jimmie,
Congrats, you are the winner of our H. Upmann contest.
Can you please send me your address so I can ship out the box".
Charlie Minato
editor |

Apparently I won a box of 
Yargüera H. Upmann
The result of a nearly 7-year process by the Grupo de Maestros to reinvigorate an original Cuban seed with the robustness of Criollo’98, this elegant cigar features sun- and shade-grown versions of exclusive, new Yargüera hybrid tobacco.

Country of Manufacture: Honduras
Wrapper: Yargüera’13 Tapado (Shade)
Binder: Criollo’98
Filler: Sun-grown Yargüera’13 and Criollo’98

They call me The Mum - Jimmie the Mum
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Nice. I never win anything.
If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
(03-21-2016, 06:26 PM)scott81425 Wrote: I never win anything.

We must be related! Big Grin

I never win anything either.
If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
Congrats, Jimmie!

Nice, congrats Mum!
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Sweet Jimmie. Can't wait to try one. Haha
(03-21-2016, 08:19 PM)NickDrista Wrote: Sweet Jimmie. Can't wait to try one. Haha

Lol, you and me both. They must have known that you were running out.
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Well that's pretty darn cool!
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Nice, congrats Jim!
This is my boomstick!

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