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Humidor question
North Idaho,

I have a wine-a-dor in our bedroom here in Chicago. I have a pretty crazy temperature swing in there all year, like freezing in the winter and sweltering in the summer (I know, shocker for the Midwest). With the stat set at 75 our room stays at about 70* all winter long. I never had a problem back in Vegas with humidity and now the thing is producing quite a bit of condensate from the dew point in the air changing. at 70* and 70 RH the dew point is about 67 degrees (I think I am reading this chart right), so the humidity in the air settles on the coil in the fridge and runs down the back of the humidor. I liked it back in Vegas because of the "set it and forget it feel". Here, I am not liking all the condensate collection in the tray constantly. hope my story helps you a bit. cheers


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