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Humi temp going nuts
I have a large desk top humi holds like 300 or 400 sticks singles. Sits on my office is always 85% filled with sticks. Some times it goes up to 82% when it gets new stick and i was told to leave the lid cracked and she goes down. i use jel petri dishes in it and gel in the sponges . is this normal or should I just smoke them quicker.
You need the RH beads IMO.  They work great.
Where do you normally get your sticks? Local or online? Do they arrive wet or dry?How long does it stay off? What type of hygrometer do you use and when was the last time you checked it for accuracy? All of these things and more could play a part in the humidity spike.
Do you have too many humidifiers?  You're in Jacksonville, so the ambient RH is what - 80%?  You probably need to worry more about controlling humidity (with RH beads or something along those lines) rather than adding humidity with a bunch of humidifiers.

I know I have to completely change my approach from summer to winter...
And are you sure the hygrometer is calibrated?

If nothing else, leave it outside and check the weather channel.
Or buy one of those Boveda humidity packs, seal it up in a tupperware container with your hygro and make sure the hygro reads the same as the Boveda is rated for.

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