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How many staples?
So through experimenting, I'm starting to find flavors, brands, and labels that I like, and want to always have in my humidor. About 5 cigars that I would like a box of to have on hand all the time. I still have a lot of single sticks that I plan on evaluating.

My question is how many favorites vs how many experiments do you have in your humi?

If you've had your favorites for a long time, and you know what you like, how often do you experiment with something new?
My stock is getting pretty low since I have been smoking 3 or 4 a day on average.

There are several that I will grab everytime I am at the store, but I try to get something new as often as I can.  There is so much out there to try, you know. 
I like smoking lightning
I thought this thread was about staple guns [doh] I have a Bostitch. Big Grin
I have about 7-10 fivers or bundles or cigars I really like.

That takes up about 2/3 of my humi (still working on filling it up), and the top shelf is for singles that I get either from bombs or whenever I go out to a shop.

I try to get 5 that I have not had before when I go out. I at least try to find ones that I like, but maybe dont want a group of them or happen to be too expensive.
Haven't been buying a lot lately, but usually I pick something new up every time I'm near the B&M.  Now that I have my wineador fully functional I use that for boxes/bundles of my go to/dependable sticks and my desktop I use for the random singles/fivers I will pick up.
Probably about 70-80 in my Swingline 407...

[Image: sl2.jpg]

[Image: sl1.jpg]
there will always be Party Shorts, RASS, and Dip. #2's in my humi. and fully stocked with LFD's
All I got in the humi in quantity is Tio Pepe bundles and random singles. I usually go for five packs instead of boxes.  Unless I'm going south of Fla for my orders...
I have boxes of JdN, Illusione ECCJ and CG4, Devils Weed, and random sticks I'm trying to age...must be getting close to 800-1000 all together.. and I just bought another box.[really]

Cigars that have never let me down are:


Camacho any

Oliva V Double Robusto

Padron any

Tatuaje any

Pepin Blue, Black, and White labels.  I like the white the best

La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial

La Flor Dominica
"Go to" regulars: CAO Brazilia Gol!, Sancho Panza Double Maduro Quixote, Rocky Patel Edge Corojo Toro, Ashton VSG Illusion, Punch Rare Corojo Pitas.  I buy at least one box of these every year, no matter what.

High-end or special occaision regulars: Padron 1926 of any size, Fuente Opus X Power Rangers, Fuente Anejo Sharks, Litto Gomez Diez Americano (used to be anyway, haven't tried the new blend yet).  I buy as many of these as I can when I can afford them... unfortunately it is a lean year right now, and my money is being tied up in other invesments at the moment so it's not looking up any time soon.  [baby]

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