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How do you keep track of what you've smoked?
I'm lucky enough to have a pretty good memory for what I smoke. I also tend t take a lot of pictures for the what are you smoking and cigar P0RN sections of stogie chat as well. I'm also OCD about keeping every band of every cigar I smoke. I've only lost two and it still ticks me off knowing that:?
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Hmmm ...thought I posted thsi up earlier. Anyhow I just entered some of my newest additions. This works well for me.

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i use my memory and i keep a leather book with the lable and info in there so i can go back and remind myself about them!!
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I happen to have a terrible memory, especially for things in foreign languages, and companies I am unfarmiliar with. So I take the band from a cigar I just smoked, and tape it in a book that I have, I write out a short over view of the smoke, then give it a Buy again, don't bother, or buy a box verdict, along with a 1-10 rate.

I like being able to see the band, because I'm a visual learner. This has worked out for me pretty well.

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