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Home Isn't Home Anymore...
It's sad when your home b&m has changed so much that you don't want to hang out there much anymore... Confused

Since even before I started driving my home b&m had started to change. The Regulars that made it such a great place were slowly disappearing... As the customer based changed so to did the atmosphere and the selection (due mainly to the customer base)...

What is there now is not the store and people I loved to spend time with... I can't really consider it "home" anymore... But I will continue to visit it when I get a chance. I'm still friends with the owner and several others who drop in now and then... Undecided

Its odd... I'm actually sitting at the first cigar store I hung around for any amount of time. Its close to the yard I drive out of and it hasn't changed in all these years... The owner still knew who I was (though I haven't been here in a couple of years), the regulars are for the most part still the same folk, and the selection is awesome... Got a feeling I'll be hanging out here more than my old b&m in the future...
That sucks brother sorry to hear that.

Same story here in ND. Kinda sucks.
Thats too bad Sad
(07-07-2011, 06:57 PM)US_Tank Wrote: Same story here in ND. Kinda sucks.

That's just cause no one wants to hang out with you. Tongue

Very sad, its nice to walk in a B&M and be known or treated like a customer. Hate to hear that.

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My primary B&M is Tobacco Republic and they do stuff right, great customers, a decent selection, HUGE walk in humidor, great & comfortable lounge.... AND the best part.... MY FAVORITE sandwich shop (Mr. Pickles) is right next door. I can literally phone in my order, they will bring it to me, I pay, I eat!!!!!!! Big Grin

Besides that I like Tower Cigars, great conversation/customers, a very nice selection (better than Tobacco Republic), love it too.

Beyond that I've not been impressed with any of the other local B&M's. I mean, they're "okay"... But, nothing that really impressed me.

I really feel lucky to have two local B&M's that are so awesome.
Sad to say, I've never had this experience. Closest thing to a B&M around here is Tobacco Outlet.
I like the last part of your post.
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