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High Noon sampler from Holts

If anyone is interested only good until 12 today. For some reason if somebody doesn't want their Opus, I'll gladly buy them from you.Wink
Why has it not an international delivery?!?!?! [baby][curse][doh]
And it's gonna be longer than sooner that I go to visit the relatives so no point at all in sending 'em there...
Ok, after much pondering on the subject, I wonder if any BOTL would be kind enough as to re-send one of these to me (I buy it, send it to yer place, ye send it to me). And don't worry, ye'll be rewarded. PM me.
Nice find!! Smile  

If only I had the money...Sad
If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
GREAT FIND!!! all the smokes look like they are a great selection.


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