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Help Me Pick My New Lighter
Well, it looks like we have similar tastes!  I checked them out and my faves were the metallic blue and the Shaper Cut / Palladium.  I guess what it boils down to is this - is the punch and the finish really worth $65 to you or not?  The blue is cool, but the finish is more likely to get damaged (or at least noticeably damaged) than the other finish.  With all of that said, if I was not concerned with the price of my lighter I would get the SCP.
  If all you are worried about is meeting TSA guidelines... you could get out waaaay cheaper with a Zippo with the Z-plus insert - pull the insert out and throw it in your checked bag just like you would with the gas tank from this lighter.  We all know we can get more of these inserts, so you would not have to worry about the gas tanks this way either.  It may not be near as fancy (although there are many really nice Zippos out there) but it is reliable!  Just my .02...
Nice lookin lighter
Viva Lancero!


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