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Help Me Pick My New Lighter

Well, when I first heard about Prometheus designing this new lighter I knew I'd have to have one.  Now, I need to figure out which one I need.  Please vote for your favorite choice.  I like the metallic blue but the large shaper/cut palladium is looking nice!  What do y'all think?
I like the Dupont X-Tend....

or the Bugatti.....

Transformer?! Maybe you should see the movie first... Big GrinBig Grin

Nah, I like the Shaper Cut/Paladium.

Doc Stogie Fresh
I have a Dupont X-Tend that I am extremely happy with.

My vote goes to the Shaper Cut/Paladium. That's a great looking lighter.

i like the metallic blue and the barley palladium.  the matte black with the chrome top isn't too bad either.
I like the Vertical/Palladium and the Gun Metal, myself. Cool lighters, great concept too.

The Metallic Blue...
Bluesman455 Wrote:I like the Dupont X-Tend....

or the Bugatti.....
That's great, Don.  Do either of those conform to TSA carry-on guidelines?Tongue  The whole reason for spending on one of these is to have a nice lighter I can carry with me always.  If I were just getting a new lighter I'd get a Xikar for sure.  Thanks for the input guys.
Looks like torch lighters are banned,here is the link,just scroll down to lighters.
Bluesman455 Wrote:Looks like torch lighters are banned,here is the link,just scroll down to lighters.
If you go back and read the info in the link I provided from prometheus you will see that they actually developed this lighter to conform to TSA guidelines.  The whole purpose of this lighter is to allow exactly what I am wanting.  It comes apart into 3 pieces allowing you to meet the guidelines.  Here's a copy of the letter from the TSA to Prometheus:

[Image: dot1.jpg]
[color="#000084"]400 Seventh Street, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20590  [/color]
OCT 18 2006
Prometheus International, Inc.
6231 Bandini Blvd.
Commerce, CA  90040-3113
Ref. No.  06-0209
This responds to your letter regarding the applicability of the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR; 49 CFR Parts 171-180) to a new model, refillable butane gas lighter. You provided in your letter a drawing of a "traveling" lighter design that contains three separate components that, when attached to each other and fueled, work as a standard gas lighter. You ask whether the top and bottom components may be carried aboard an aircraft separated from each other and without the fuel reservoir. The answer is yes. A lighter that contains no fuel or residue thereof and does not contain any other hazardous material is not subject to the HMR. It appears that your lighter design would meet this requirement.
I am still concerned about availability of the gas tanks though.  I hope people start carrying them...

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