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Love love love the cigar forums where I can be a man and smoke my cigars without all the negative crap from anti smokers. I swear vaps will be the death of me! BE A MAN *drops mic

   I'm Troy, 30, married, and live in Louisiana.  I discovered cigars about 5 years ago on my first trip out of the country where I was turned onto some authentic Cubans.  I stopped smoking cigarettes about ten years ago and this is my dirty little passion now.   I've graduated my passion to building a 1,000 case humidor cabinet. I've decided to step it up and move my passion online where I hand pick my stogies and peddle here and there with my personal supply in order to get new products to try (Supporting my habbit hah!). In the spirit of promotion:

As a grand opening we will be giving away some free cigars. Our goal is to find sophisticated smokers who enjoy the passion of fine stogies and share our common interest. Start by  <REDACTED BY MOD> this post. Then visit our page <REDACTED BY MOD> and subscribing to our newsletter that has the latest deals and info! A winner will be chosen and mailed a free cigar from our hand picked lot at absolutely no expense.
Hi Troy, and welcome.

Please note that as a retailer, you are free to post specials in the retailer section of the forum only. Here is the section:

On another note, I'm hoping that you meant a 1,000 box humidor and not a 1,000 case humidor... With master cases having an average of 25-50 boxes each, that would be unreal... Smile

(Example: Boli RC & RASS= 36 boxes/case, RASCC = 56 boxes/case, etc)

Welcome from NJ.
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