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Helix X550


Wrapper: Connecticut Shade grown
Binder: Mexico
Filler: Dominican Republic, Honduran, Brazilian

Looking for an everyday cigar is one of those time consuming tasks that just takes you into the wilds of cigardom. When I first saw the Helix at my local B&M the first thing that turned me off was the label. How can something with such a modern looking label be any good, was the thought that sprang through my mind. I mean, if it has a very modern label it has to be a new
line and by that fact alone, it can't be like a classic cigar. Somehow, I wound up with two in my humidor.

To this day, there is always a couple of Helix in my humidor. No not the same two I bought back then.


The Cigar has a gorgeous wrapper even caramel color through and through. Nice tight roll, solid construction. A slight smell of straw. The prelight draw is nice, leaving a hint of spice on the tongue.

This particular robusto I had packed in my Cigar Savor, and as such I was to smoke it on the way home. I used a 7mm punch. No tight draw on this guy. The foot toasted well and light with no problem. The smoke is a nice rich white smoke with hints of oak, hay and pepper. Not a truly mild cigar but more of a mild-medium. The burn though uneven never canoed on me, and was clean with a stark black oily line. My only issue being that I had to relight the cigar at least three times. The cigar leaves a grayish-white ash that although is not flaky it is not a tight strong ash either.

This would make a nice everyday cigar for some one who will enjoy it at home and not on the move, as you would probably have to relight every so often.
The Helix should come to pass for you!   WinkCool
this cigar never did anything for me.

Is it long leaf filler?

Anyway, I found it one dimensional, a little too weak for me and grassy as well.

But hey, that's why there are so many brands. So many different people.
When I first started smoking cigars, I went through SEVERAL boxes of the X650 Maduros.  Havent had one in a while, I'll have to revisit it.
I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cool

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