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Head of CAO
I have to say the only one I really don't like is the criollio I like some more than others but I think most of there cigars are prety good
Skipper the cigar aFISHinodo Wrote:interesting comment. Many of those cigars are rolled in different factories. Many of the CAO cigars are rolled by Toranos. The Brazilia line is rolled in their own factory in Honduras (which CAR bought from Toranos)

Skip is right on man. They roll them in different factories but mainly Torano and that guy can make a well constructed cigars....I mean the tribute is super bad

Doc also said that they leave the bunches in the molds longer, they believe it makes for an all round better construction
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I have never had a bad cao yet. Great sticks
US_Tank Wrote:Here is the head of CAO!  Tongue


[Image: IMG_1155.jpg]
That's a great snap.
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The only CAO I have had that I didn't like was the VR Black which they make for CI (IIRC or at least its one of the dotcoms)... The only one I have had any construction issues with is the America. It started flaking and unraveling, but I haven't had a 2nd one so it may have just been that stick...
Brazilia Box Press is probably my fav. at the moment....

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