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He's a poopie-head & I dont want to play with him any more...
Did you see that meatball gave a speach in Harlem trying to bribe people to side with him against Bush?

He is workig for Alqueda... Just trying to spread America thin with both internal and external problems. He offered them free or cheap oil. He went to Harlem, a traditiional hot-spot...


[Image: AR15firing.gif][Image: BoomSmilie_anim.gif][Image: 2gunsfiring_v1.gif][Image: chavez-cap.jpg][Image: rocketQ3.gif][Image: bigun2.gif][Image: badass.gif]


There was actually one person on the news this morning who said about his visit to Harlem: "how come he is so worried about all the poor people here in this country? What about his country?"

I'll wager that over 99% of our poor have a house, food and maybe even a TV. What about the poor of Venezuela?

venezuela: 80% poverty rate.

and i guarantee "poverty" in the u.s. and venezuela ain't the same thing, like the skipper says.
el puerco (my pet name for chavez) is a classic populist. promise the illiterate poor majority a way out of desperation, and you've got democracy in your pocket.
time will eventually throw el puerco, morales, fidel, and all the other egomaniacal windbags into the outhouse of history.
Say what you like about Chavez, the guy has a pair of cojones.

Helicopters have "disappeared" in the Andes for much less provocation than this.

What he's trying to do, in case anyone missed this, is unite the sizeable proportion of the third world which looks askance at the current administration’s foreign policy behind Venezuela’s bid for the vacant seat on the UN Security Council. The US is backing that bastion of liberal democracy, Guatemala.
is it my imagination or does he always look like he has a bad case of gas?

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