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Have You Ever Been Screwed?
I figured that sooner or later it would happen, but didn't think it would be now. There was a thread around here somewhere that had some Anjeos & Maddie Hemingways on hand, so I called to order. Order was placed on 12-4, but I was told that they didn't have everything on hand but would be receiving by the 7th and then shipping out complete.

Well, cc was dinged, shipping day came & went, I gave them a couple of extra days due to the holiday rush. Still nothing. When I called today, they said the order shipped on schedule and was delivered. But I have yet to see them. And trust me, I would have seen these.

So now, UPS is on the case. And in 7-10 days, they will let me know the disposition of my shipment. Meanwhile, the vendor (whom I have never used before) assures me we can work something out, but he keeps talking about Olivas. Now I know Oliva makes some fine smokes, but I haven't ever had a problem getting them or finding one I would compare to the cigars I have ordered, so I keep declining the offer of my replacements (equal substitutions?)and asked to have my card credited. There seems to be a problem with that as the shop owner has now called back & told me that this could take up to 60 days.

I guess now I have to call & do a charge-back, but the  thing that really sucks is I have turned down several boxes since I had mine and now they are no longer available. That pisses me off.

So I hope you guys are having a better day than I am. 
Wow!  Thats not right!

The Oliva is a nice cigar, but in comparision to what you ordered I would not accept the offer either.   If you do change your mind, then maybe for the Oliva Special "S", which is pretty decent. 

For the credit card being "credited", he is pulling your chain.   You walk up to the credit card machine and enter the same information as a credit...   It is not instant because it goes out in the daily credit card batch.   However, your credit will always appear within 1-3 days once its processed on the terminal.

I'd like to make a point concerning this issue.   be careful who you deal with online.   There are several companies online selling cigars with fancy websites and no stock.  They are cigar brokers, per se, that take your order and then ships it from one or more different vendors across the USA.    When it works, its great.   However, the first sign of any problem... the seller has never seen your cigars, didn't package them, didn't ship them, and has to deal with a 3rd party on credits, refunds, and problems.

Thats why we handle our own stock, billing, shipping, etc...   More work, but if there is a mistake...we fix it.    (ok, end of my shameless plug)

If they are not going to credit your card or reship your order as you originally specified, then file the chargeback.   Waiting 90 days is complete BS.   In addtion, UPS has $100 automatic insurance on all shipments.   You are at least entitled to the insurance for the missing package.

Do I dare ask who the company was?
That really sucks DD...........sounds like you were getting BS'd from the get go! If they don't make this right you need to out them right here! At least others won't get taken as well.   :X
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Man, this sounds familiar....


Good luck. Demand an immediate refund on your CC, then call the cc company. Once the refund is confirmed, have the number changed! Just be safe, you don' know the limits of their willingness to screw people.
....waits patiently for Skipper......:?

I've only had a problem with an online vendor once, and it was CI/Cbid. The usual misrepresentation of a lot deal.

Bob, that's no good whatsoever.
Hope it works out for you.
Damn DD, I am sorry to hear that.  If I had any boxes I would hook you up but you know my story I live in Cali and can't find any boxes.  I sure hope this works out for you DD.
DD, I know the company you are referring too and they are VERY REPUTABLE. Trust me with that....cause I dealt with them before and Skip has as well. Bulz has a personal realtionship with this company as well. So if I am correct, then these guys will know who I am speaking of.

I was the one who posted that thread and picked up the box of Sharks from them. It arrived in 2 days. However, he did tell me over the phone, that he only had a few boxes and they were all sold out and not sure if any more were coming in. He was straight with me and even gave me preference since he knew me and I dropped Bulz' name. But I am surprised to hear all this. I really do it works out for you....please keep us posted.

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I don't even have words bro. You have absolutely blown the $hit out of me. No come back, I got nothing, speechless - The Shephard PO - RIP July 2007
I won't name him yet as he has contacted me since I made this post and says he will make it right. So I will give him until Friday. I have bought many cigars online and one of the criteria that I use is, the first order is always placed by phone while I check inventory, they told me they had the 55's, Classics, and Signatures on hand, were waiting on the 48's to arrive. Sounded reasonable to me.

My biggest problem - and I don't want this to sound stupid or arrogant, so this may not come across as I intend, but here goes- I had ordered/bought too many boxes to keep track of, and I forgot about these for a week or so. While at the GA herf, Pep reminded me of the order and I realized that they had not come in yet, so I got on the phone to find out what was going on. So part of this is my own fault.

 But the guy sounded alot more concerned on this last call & wasn't defensive or accusatory, so I'll wait until Friday to see what happens.

And Skipper, I was having flashbacks too. It's not the same guy and they came from a thread posted here, so I wasn't overly cautious. And hey, he could be OK & UPS screwed the pooch, we all know it happens.
DD, if it's who I think it is (Connecticut?), no way you get screwed. I too know these guys (although no where as well as Bulz). Trust me, they do not get more reputable than them.

This sucks DD.  If it's any consolation I think a lot of vendors are in a tough spot with the Anejos and Holiday Fuente stuff.  Same reason that many of the boxes have some mold on some sticks.

Moki can elaborate if he pops in but the story is a boat with the shipment of Anejos bound for the US got re-routed for some reason.  Many B & M's either got them late or have not gotten them at all.  That's gotta be tough to expect them, sell them, and then find out they may not be available.
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