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My Christmas gift to you my friend!  








"Tank's Glamor Photo's"   [size=2](no gay pink shirts [/size]here)








[Image: 1208Bowhunting015.jpg]



[Image: 1208Bowhunting016.jpg]




Coyote calling.  

[Image: 1208Bowhunting019.jpg]




Walking out from the coyote hunt.  

[Image: 1208Bowhunting030.jpg]



For you outdoor junkies I highly recommend Mountain Hardwear gear.   The jacket pictured above is a synthetic down and warm as heck.   It's the layer I walk around in.   The synthetic down insulates when wet unlike down.   Perfect for walking when one may sweat some.   It also serves as my insulating layer underneath my Skyline white outer shell.

This hat is gore windstopper and simply kicks ass.

[Image: 1208Bowhunting043.jpg]



This baselayer is neoprene-like but very soft.   Very warm and its a layer over my thermax top

[Image: 1208Bowhunting063.jpg]


For this coyote hunt the rifle used is a Springfield Armory M1A in a .308.   I outfitted this rifle with a match barrel, Jewel trigger, Harris bi-pod and a Troy rail system.   The scope is a Leupold Mark 4 Tactical 4.5-14x50 with illuminated TMR reticle.   This particular rifle was implemented in Iraq and Afganistan as a semi-auto sniper option.   They also use this exact scope.



[Image: 1208Bowhunting020.jpg]





[Image: 1208Bowhunting022.jpg]





I also implement a Tangodown vertical foregrip...................


[Image: 1208Bowhunting025.jpg]




This is a military issue Camelback where I store my optics, rangefinder, outershell, survival gear, food, and hydration system.   Not pictured is a Swarovski 10x binoc and Leica rangefinder.................

[Image: 1208Bowhunting023.jpg]



[Image: 1208Bowhunting024.jpg]


nice pics Tank...........[thumbsup]

Reminds me of Ansel Adams     [lol]
SmokyOneKenobi Wrote:nice pics Tank...........[thumbsup]

Reminds me of Ansel Adams     [lol]
Don't you mean Grizzly Adams?? Tongue Big Grin Wink
If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
your a hardcore moth*fuck#r!!  Keep on keeping that brain from freezing!  Coyote do not like the cigars or something?  What gives, not even a petite corona action shot?


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