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H Upman Magnum 46
Another Chat Review of a great stogie (H.Upman Magnum 46, 5 5/8" x 46, Corona Gorda) with my cohort MikeD:

PsychoPuffin79: there is definately a specific note unique to cigars from that region

miked889: yeah

miked889: youve had enuff of them to know that

miked889: youre no Habanos rookie

PsychoPuffin79: well I know that but its been months since I have had one, so I was suprised, I was like, yep there is the difference

miked889: it'll all comes back to you in one puff

PsychoPuffin79: exactly

PsychoPuffin79: mmmmmm

miked889: just wait til it turns up

PsychoPuffin79: I have been reading the reviews and they all say about a third way through

miked889: id say so

miked889: but you will see for yourself if it does or not

PsychoPuffin79: k

(bout a 1/2 inch in)

PsychoPuffin79: the draw on this is amazing, and early on its almost tangy (in a good way)

miked889: yes

miked889: someone noted a citrusy note

miked889: some wood tones to it

miked889: but not cedary

PsychoPuffin79: thats the kinda tang I thought, fresh wood

PsychoPuffin79: cuban cigars remind me that in the grand scheme of things how unimportant pretty looking ash is

miked889: exactly


PsychoPuffin79: I totally had that

PsychoPuffin79: but not bad

miked889: no not bad at all

miked889: but not as straight forward as the H upman No2 torp

(later)(about a third In)

PsychoPuffin79: (whoa)

miked889: what?

PsychoPuffin79: whomp

PsychoPuffin79: pepper nutmeg

miked889: hit the third way mark?

PsychoPuffin79: stronger

PsychoPuffin79: yep

miked889: yup

miked889: nice

PsychoPuffin79: nice

PsychoPuffin79: completely different stogie

miked889: very complex

PsychoPuffin79: impressive


PsychoPuffin79: now about halfway through, it would stand up to a bourbon

miked889: id say so

miked889: you can pour one, but would have to wait til it turn up those few notches  to drink it

PsychoPuffin79: VERY WOODY now, like a fire in late autumn

(Last third)

PsychoPuffin79: dude second half is a bit of a powerhouse

PsychoPuffin79: these are good

miked889: really?

miked889: never thought as them as a powerhouse

PsychoPuffin79: well okay

PsychoPuffin79: relative to the beginning

PsychoPuffin79:  never get thrown out of balance though

miked889: just my take

miked889: well yeah they do build very nicely

PsychoPuffin79: i was a tad superlative

PsychoPuffin79: hard to hold now, but worth fighting the burn

miked889: get a clip

miked889: lol

miked889: you nubbed the sucker... cant be that bad of a

miked889: did you get a 3rd evolution of the cigar?

PsychoPuffin79: it kinda balanced out and sweetened a bit, a dunno if thats another evolution per se

miked889: well the 1st and second is clearly a distinct change

PsychoPuffin79: more vanilla and less wood

miked889: I would say not really

miked889: variation on the 2nd theme

miked889: but not a change

(nubbed stogie!)

Mike an I are trying an experiment to see if you can get the feel of a cigar as it develops.  Plus I am almost always talking to him when I have my daily stogie, so it just seemed reasonable.  Input into the effectiveness of this method would be greatly appreciated.  That said this stogie was a gem.On top of all the superlatives above, this also burned well. Drew fabulously, and bathed the whole house in tone of fragrant smoke.  Total smoke time was about an hour ant ten minutes, which is long for me for a cigar of this size.  I was disappointed it didnt last longer. all and all a fabulous smoke that I would heartily recommend to anyone with that palate to appreciate its intricacies!


I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cool
nice Tom.  I just have to remember to not be too intox when you try another review like this. Smile
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mwhahahaha thats great, but seriously, that was an awesome stogie, and I hope that shows through. . .

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cool
Tom....that is awesome man. I love this smoke and recently ordered a box. I experienced the exact same things you were writing! That tangy flavor in the beginning..the wood notes!!! awesome man!!! I love this smoke!


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I don't even have words bro. You have absolutely blown the $hit out of me. No come back, I got nothing, speechless - The Shephard PO - RIP July 2007
I have had a box of these for about a year and was not a huge fan.  Smoked one this afternoon and was right with you guys on the review.  Not much citrus but a great woody tobacco flavor with a little kick at the end.  A great cigar so thatnks for reminding me about them.  Another box is now in the realm of possibility for some aging.
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Headley Wrote:  Another box is now in the realm of possibility for some aging.
What a surprise. Tongue
Viva Lancero!

[user=57]Headley[/user] wrote: 
Quote: Smoked one this afternoon and was right with you guys on the review.  Not much citrus but a great woody tobacco flavor with a little kick at the end.  A great cigar so thanks for reminding me about them.   

Glad you enjoyed the review, and the stogie! Hopefull more of both to come!

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cool
Great review all round there, Cool
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