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Gurkha centurian
Well, I did it. I smoked a $20 cigar. This was one of the sticks I recieved in a bomb recently. This was a real nice stick that was well balanced. Torpedo size. A little tough on the draw for the first few minutes but cleared up. Slow burn, plenty of thick smoke. Taste was full and strong but not overpowering. Creamy comes to mind about 1/2 way through. Some good earthy notes with a balance unlike any stick I have tried. Slightly spicy in the begining but not peppery. All in all, this was a great smoke. Wish I had more............:dude:
Was this the 1st one you've ever had?
Do you know where it originally came from? (B&M, CI, C-Bid) ?

The reason I ask is because I thought quite a bit of the 1st couple Centurian's I had, which I picked up on special at Cigar International.
However, the pack I got from C-Bid was extremely bad. Gross cigars.
I fell to the infamous CI Ghurka sampler with 40 cigars as well. In the beginning they wre okay then i smoked a Ghurka Vintage and Oh Lord that was the worst cigar I have ever smoked. It tasted like wet grass and smelt like a dog rocket.
I was able to score about four 5pks of centurians for $13 each, which was a steal.  They smoked just like the one i recieved in a bomb, that i knew to be from CI, because the guy wouldn't shut up about how it was $99/6

Anyways, I like 'em
Finally got to the one I had the other day. It was gifted and has been sitting for a couple months. I thought it was an extremely good smoke. I got to be real honest, I hadn't a clue as to what it was until I was smoking it. Looked it up on the internet and realized, maybe this was a stick I should have let peculate in the humidor a few more months. Anyway it was real good smoke IMO.

If it doesn't matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score?
Vince Lombardi
Thanks for the review.


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