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Fuente seconds ... are they Unicorns?
So question... Fuente Seconds; Do they exist?

Some say "Tampa Sweethearts" cigars are seconds of Arturo Fuente.
I see people refer to the Tampa Sweethearts #490 as a second of the 8-5-8
But, I see conflicting reports online.

Here's a good summary of the info I've found against:

Quote:Tampa Sweethearts™ cigars are apprentice rolled and, as a
result, each bundle may contain some imperfections. These
cigars are hand rolled by inexperienced cigar makers and
blends of tobacco entirely different from the premium

Tampa Sweethearts cigars are not seconds of Arturo
Fuente®, Montesino®, or Flor de Ybor City® cigars.

Availability is strictly dependent upon training needs, thus
different sizes and colors may not always be available.

I found the above at:

I've heard people say Flor De Ybor City cigars are AF seconds.
They even have "identified" some of the cigars:

Quote:Ybor #80**************???(shortened Dbl. Chateau)
Ybor Corona************ Cuban Corona
Ybor #1**************** Curly Head Deluxe
Ybor Presidente******** Canones
Ybor Toro*************** Rothchild or Chateau Fuente
Ybor #85*****************Flor Fina 8-5-8
Ybor Pierce**************Churchill
Ybor #270****************Seleccion Privada #1

Of course there's just as many people online saying Ybor is also a training cigar, not a 2nd, and not necessarily the same blend as anything else.

Generally speaking Arturo Fuente always says they don't sell seconds... I'm sure they are trying to preserve whatever perception of brand value they have, and wouldn't publicly admit to any of these things being seconds.

Still, there are a lot of retailers who advertise Arturo Fuente seconds. Usually though it's all BS. When pushed the retailer will say:

Quote:The Fuente seconds that we sell are purchased from a cigar
broker that states the cigars are all made by Tabacalera A.
Fuente. The cigars may be seconds from Arturo Fuente,
Sosa Family Selection, Ashton, La Unica or Cuesta-Rey.

Which again - is clearly BS.

Anybody know something about AF 2nds?


I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.

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