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From Las Vegas Nevada....It's Churros Y Puros.....
Even tho I wasn't able to make it to Vegas it was nice to be able to sit here and smoke a stogie and watch you guys post your adventures in VegasBig Grin Oh and great show ....and I can't wait to join in the fun [rob]
Awesome guys!  Cool
Ha! What great freakin' show! It was Shank-tastic...
Well done guys, wish I was there.
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fishhound Wrote:Well done guys, wish I was there.

You were there in spirit along with everyone else!

Bob, we had a great time speaking with you over the weekend. Thanks for calling.
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HOLY SHI** I got a shout out in PT3 !! I am smiling ear to ear !! I can die a happy man now .

Sitting in with Churros y Puros was a fun as hell!  We had a blast making the videos.  Yeah we tried to find quiet areas but in Vegas that is not possible.  When the pool area cleared out we tried that but they were getting ready for a Hawaiin Lu-ow so we got kicked out.  Hence we just used the hotel room.

FYI!  There is a video clip missing and its funny as hell!  When Sergio finds it he will post it. 

Lot's of fun for sure! 
    GREAT stuff, fellas!  Love how these episodes, especially this one, brings this message board to life.  Thanks for sharing!
Cool show - I am glad to see you guys get together for a herf.  Sounds like everyone is just as cool in person as they are on the board.  Too bad there was not a coupon for a "hummer"... 

Now I will have to buy a God of Fire. 
Great show guys!!!!

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