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Dr. Stogie Fresh Wrote:I didn't remember this event. Thanks for sharing it Parkster. A truly great video.

I started thinking as I read the comments below and I started reflecting on the many conversations I have been a part of in different cigar forums... Cigar smokers seem to be a very patriotic bunch, as a whole. Cigar smokers seem to appreciate the values upon which this country was founded. Love of God, country, family, and other such values. It has been my greatest pleasure associating with you all.

My parents were from Mexico and they taught us to love this country like we love our own lives. They came here for the tremendous opportunity that freedom represents and they were grateful. So am I.


wow.  this should be on the back of the official stogiechat t-shirt.  beautiful post doc.

great link parkster.  being a baseball nut i know of this and it still gives me chills. 


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