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Finally taking Rob's advice
Yep, after all this time, I'm convinced that he's been right all along.  Smoke less, smoke better.

The quality of my cigars has been dropping off so that I can afford to buy the quantity I've chosen to smoke.  No more.  The quality shall come before quantity.  This means no more daily smokes while walking the dog, mowing the lawn, etc.  So instead of ~ 10 a week forcing me to smoke more Flor De Olivas and the like, I'll be down to ~ 3 a week and they'll all be Padrons, Tats, etc. 

Thanks, Rob![rob]
If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
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Definitely worth it. I only like to smoke when Ive got no rush and I can sit and relax. Usually means about 3 times a week.
I think I need to take that advice.  I have gotten in the habit of smoking at least one a night at work.  Some nights I dont think I am really enjoying myself.  I think I will try waiting until I get home, so I can sit in piece, and really concentrate on what I am smoking.
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I had to force myself to do the same!  It seems I want a cigar, then I have one, and five cigars later my palate is shot.
I dont smoke as much as some of you guys, me about 4 sticks a week+/-.  I have always felt smoke better life is to short. 

In my opinion I would say keep a little of both on hand, premo's and daily smokes.  Never know when you are going to need to pass out a few sticks to friends that dont usually smoke(they would just enjoy a daily smoke).

As Mr. Mum says "make the time you wont regret it"
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ah that rob.  what a guy.
I've cut down to 2 a week, maybe 3 (thursday, friday, saturday).  And they are good sticks. 
Rob The Long Island Cowboy Wrote:ah that rob.  what a guy.
Who the heck is Rob???Tongue

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