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Emilio Draig K
I happened to wander into a cigar shop today and decided to pick up a couple new sticks to try while hanging out with a friend. Tried the Emilio Draig K. The label with the little dragon caught my eye.

Nice smoke. Good flavors - earthy with a bit of spice, flavors that reminded me of crushed coffee beans and cacao nibs. Only problem was a bit of trouble remaining lit.

Check out the blog about it here -

knowing that the same company makes some of the ones in the pass almost makes me want to change my picks, but I am happy with what I got.

Not crazy about the band (just happened to be what I'm smoking)

[Image: EBA8F938-7D96-430E-B52C-D8DFE65A4E93-909...67B284.jpg]

but the blend is good, his other lines are also good, and Gary is a great guy. He owns numerous cigar shops in Delaware and one just a couple miles from me here in PA. He promotes and distributes a lot of other boutique brands too.
Apparently there is a story about the band and name of the cigar.
Looks great, I have a 5pk coming for my bday (a buddy picked em up for me and is waiting to ship them.

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