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Elements: Carbon (6)
For todays review, the Foundry, Elements Carbon.

[Image: IMAG0035_zpsb3ca0f54.jpg]

Size: 5.5x60
Date: 7-3-14
Time: 1215 - 1325
Cost $5.29
Beverage: 7 UP

As you can see in the picture, this cigar is dark, and well constructed. The labels were easy to remove.

The bands are gray with black printing. The wide band is represented with what I believe are supposed to be diamonds, but look more like the kids toy of a spinning top. The foot band is represented with the periodic table symbol for Carbon.

After the cello was removed, I cut with the shop table cutter. I was partially disappointed with the depth of the cut, as being a larger ring gauge, it required the largest diameter cutter, which took a deep cut. Almost all the way to the shoulder. This was not an issue with the cigar, rather the cutter.

The smell of the cigar is tobacco and very light cedar. The pre-draw found the cigar to have a loose draw. The pre-draw flavor is tobacco. No hints of anything else that my palette was able to discern.

According to the case this cigar was packed in, the blend is from Nicaragua and the Lower 48. The staff of my B&M was unable to provide more information.

The cigar lit well with my single jet Xikar lighter. The initial taste was pleasing. At about 1/2 inch in, I was able to taste and feel medium strength and tobacco flavor. The cigar produced moderate smoke, and while retrohaling, I was pleased to find that very nice Nicaraguan spice.

At halfway, the cigar still burned well, and needed no touch up. At this point, I noticed the cigar had gotten a little warm, so I held off for a little while, and occasionally blew through the cigar to cool the heat.

Right after entering the final third of the cigar, the power of the cigar stepped up significantly. To the point that the 7 UP I was drinking could not remove the sting of it on my tongue. I like strong cigars. But this took me just to the point of painful before I put it down.

Overall, this cigar is one I would and will buy and smoke again. I cannot say that the Foundry Elements Carbon is an A+ go-to stick, but it is definitely a smokable cigar. And I would rate this as a middle-ground cigar. Something you can share with friends who smoke cigars, and ones that do not. My singular caution/recommendation for this cigar is to smoke it slowly, as with all big ring gauges, it gets pretty hot if you are hitting it hard.
...moving along...nothing left to see here.
Nice review & nice find!
If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
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Thanks for the review!
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Nice review, as always, I like the way you lay it all out in simple terms that I can relate to.
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Yeah, great review, thanks Dave.
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It's safe to safe it has creative packaging and interpretation.

It looks like it would give you some chocolate flavor but for a one blend cigar I heard it's a must try.

Nice review.
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a one blend cigar?
No Justice, No Peace!
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Nice review...I've not even heard of this one...I'll be on the lookout for it...Thanks....
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Great review again. Never heard of these. Thanks for posting. I really dig your reviews.

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