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El Mejor Emerald
I saw these on Cbid and because I like the Espresso picked up a box of 20.

Here is an exact quote from Cigars Internationals Web site, "No pun intended, but the El Mejor ‘Emerald’ is truly a of the most startling values on a true premium handmade blend I have seen in some time. It’s all about the blend: the Emerald is composed of a deep, dense mixture of Nicaraguan long-fillers including a core of rich, searing Ligero tobaccos. These tobaccos are in turn cloaked by a tawny, lustrous Honduran-grown Corojo wrapper and together, after 6 months of box-aging, this formulation delivers a copious dose of rich, oaky flavors which swathes the palate before finishing with a feisty touch of spice. Medium to full-bodied throughout with a rich tobacco taste, it smokes gracefully smooth from start to finish. El Mejor Emerald is terrific right out of the box without a doubt, but also shows all the signs of incredible aging potential. Individually draped in cedar sleeves and finished with a ‘shaggy’ foot in true ‘old world’ fashion.

Pre-Light: I clipped the pigtail of the 5-1/2"x50" Robusto and the smell was of a little sweet grass and little barnyard. The draw was good and the taste was little spicey. The wrapper was fairly smooth medium brown.

Light: The cigar lit very easily with the shaggy foot and produced a lot of smoke. I immediately got a pretty good dose of black pepper and oak.

First Half: The burn was off a little at the start and I contribute this to the shaggy foot with no wrapper. It looked like one of those trick cigars that had exploded.Confusedhock: It straighten up pretty good after it hit the wrapper. The pepper taste slowly mellowed. The first half was medium to full and reminded me a lot of a JDN 1970 but with a corojo wrapper. Besides the spice there was a good oak/cedar wood flavor. The cigar seemed a little mushy but the draw was real good. The ash was dark and flaky, again because of the shaggy foot.

Second Half: The mild pepper was still there and I started getting a sweet cream taste like toasted butterscotch. The ash held on good and the flackyness went away. This thing had a pretty good kick. I hadn't eatten for several hours and had to put the last 2 inches down. It remained medium to full bodied..

Conclusions: This cigar looks very well constructed. Overall this cigar was pretty good for a $2 stick. I got some young flavors especially at the end. The Espressos I smoke I let sit for at least 6 months and they get a lot better. It am happy with this purchase. It will give me another good yardgar for everyday smoking on a budget.

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Another pic. I don't know how to do more than one.

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Pic 3

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Pic 4

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that sounds like a pretty good budget stick.  I will have to look em up.

Nice review.

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cool
That shaggy foot does look different /  strange but it's the smoke that counts.

Thanks for the review.
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