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Economical Smokes
     I might suggest keeping your eye on, too.  They have been changing their deal every hour as of late.  Shipping is FREE (not sure if that's still the case for customers in the Great White North).  Just something to consider. 
[police] has some serious deals, I check it quite regularily. Shipping to Canada is an issue however.  It would be nice if the border was more open to this type of thing.
Since you are in Canada and shipping to you from the US is out of the question try Jose L. Piedras. I don't know how much they are in Canada but you would probably get the most bang for your buck with these.
Consuegra #9, or anything for that matter.  Can be had just about anywhere but JR usually has them pretty available.

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Another place is they ship international.
RPSGS at Famous

5 Vegas Miami on C-bid

Oliva bundles


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