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Easter parade
It was April, and I must confess to being ashamed that it’s taken me this long to post the amazing beatings I took when visiting NY

The Mum

All handed me a beating that was uncalled for ... and I’ll add ... will stop my visits to the US if they continue .... I mean, think about it ... we have added whisky to our repertoire these days .... not $30 whisky either .... these guys all have embraced the malt life with a fervent enthusiasm that could bankrupt us all if we continue on the current path ... either that or leave us all in a stupor.

[Image: 2ccf1151cfb36ef1bc16aa7a1b2c813d.jpg]

[Image: fbb454a7cbe697505d4c627b38d686b5.jpg]

[Image: b36efb40fc8c6c5cd5016107e3ed4ac0.jpg]

[Image: f8d1a662c5a1918c653116572be298fc.jpg]

[Image: 132fda7cebd37c9d43b8744f0079fb56.jpg]

[Image: fd73951958ce3b48d851039b1c3c3068.jpg]

[Image: 91ee4bcd7dfcff91d1fcef6da8c69f61.jpg]
This is not a bottle of Balvenie by the way ... Mario got a light made, the thing lights up from the base and is like a siren song in the bat cave every time it’s plugged in I pour a dram ?

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