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Dried Out Sticks
Recently a friend gave me his late father's cigars.  A total of about 6-7 boxes including Cubans.  (Now that's a friend [smokin2])  My problem is that they are all dried out.  Apparently his father didn't own a humidor and just left the boxes out in the living room. 

What can I do to rehumidify such a large amount.  I've had no problem doing it for one or two sticks in a small Tupperware container with moist paper towels, but with this many I'm lost.

Very slow in a cooler.

Re-hydrating recently dried cigars in your humidor can easily take 1 to 3 weeks; depending on how dry the cigar(s) are.  For cigars that have been extremely dried out and left out of a humidor for months or even years, the restoration process can take longer.  If this is the case, it’s best to leave the dried out cigar(s) in a properly maintained humidor for at least 3 months before you attempt to smoke them.  The amount of time needed for re-hydration depends on the size of the cigar.  The bigger the cigar, the more time it needs to re-adjust to the humidity.   

As an alternative, you can easily speed the process up by placing the dried out cigar(s) in a clean (preferably brand new) Tupperware container, with a humidification device, and keep the lid sealed.  What happens is that all the humidity in the Tupperware container has nowhere to go but back into your cigar.  This is called “Flash Hydration” however user discretion is advised as this process has been known to be unstable and would require you to check on your cigars on a daily basis.  With flash hydration, all the humidity is being forced back into your cigar(s) within a short amount of time.  Because of this, your cigars will quickly expand from the humidity and can easily crack and split.   If you choose to flash hydrate your cigars, you will need to check on your cigars frequently to ensure that they don’t become damaged.

If you don’t have a humidor, you can also purchase a humi-pouch that will properly maintain your cigars at 70% humidity and these bags will last for about 90 days; the perfect amount of time to rehydrate dried out cigars.  For long-term cigar storage with a Tupperware container, simply line the container with untreated Spanish cedar and periodically vent the excess humidity by lifting one corner of the lid (ie: keep it closed but not sealed).  Invest in a digital hygrometer to ensure that the humidity is at 70% and the temperature is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you’re not in a rush to smoke these dried out cigars, it’s best to re-hydrate them in your humidor the good old-fashioned method

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If the cigars have dried out then even if you rehumidify them, they will never be close to what they used to be.  Not only does mositure dry out, which can be replaced, as Tafdom described, but you lose all of the oils, which provide all of the flavor, which can never be brought back.

I would consider this as well before deciding if you should even bother to rehumidify the cigars.
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Cool score on the cigars!  I hope they are not too damaged from being dried out.

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