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Double Winner...
Congrats Bill!  Good for you.  Its almost like one of our own got 'made.'  Hopefully your luck won't end anytime soon!
Congrats on winning. Temps at 106-108 is just brutal, for that week in the summer we may just have better weather than the West coast.

Does it look like much of a project to retrofit the cooling unit? Love to see pics of what the componets of the cooling unit actually looks like.
Great news Bill!! I'm with Keith I would like to see how hard/easy it will be to install that cooling unit.
Installing the unit itself will be easy - Bob ships templates, etc for cutting...  I just have to be brave enough to cut a hole in the back...  Confusedhock:

The tough part will be adding insulation where I can...   on the outside back, the inner top and bottom, etc...    still better than the alternative.


I'll keep you guys in the loop!  Cool


Very interested in your retofit project as this Sunday it got to 96F around these parts Confusedhock:

I had my high temperature alarm set at 78F and it was beeping - Not fun.

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