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Dominican Cohiba?
There is a cigar shop that sells Dominican Republic Cohibas in all sizes for $2.50 a stick. They are always nice and fresh and smell real nice. The band is half checkered on top and yellow on bottom with COHIBA in gold with a white background. They don't have the "red dot" on them, so I don't know if they are the real deal or not. If anyone might be able to tell me, I would appreciate it.
Do they look like this? Lol

[Image: IMAG0097.jpg]
Nah, not Cuban knockoffs or anything, but underneath COHIBA they say Republica Dominicana.
For $2.50 a stogie, that tells right there to walk away.
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They are all at a tobacco shop on the res. I'll take a picture of one that I have and put it on here tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up, Jimmie.
Yeah, I would stay away too. If they are in fact Dominican Cohibas that sport the cuban label design, then those are the OLD versions of the Dominican Cohiba long before the Red Dot and they really sucked.

See General Cigar owns the rights to sell Cohiba in the US. And the version you speak of was long before General paid any mind to that cigar line and it was basically a short filler knockoff of it's cuban brother. A decent amount of years ago, General decided to revamp the US Cohiba and released the Red Dot. That is a premium, long filler dominican cigar. Then the dominican Cohiba was taken seriously as a real cigar. With that, the line grew with the XV series and the Cohiba Black which are BOTH very good IMO. They are a bit pricy, but are world's apart from the old first run with the checker band that was really a joke and made as a cheap knockoff.

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Unfortunatly I agree with both Jimmie and Mario (yes yes this is most likely a sign of the Apocalypse). But also the opposite can be argued. for $2.50 a stick pick one up and try it. You might like it.

This looks like what you describe Maduro, but here's a blurry cell phone picture just in case. I was wondering why the other Dominican Cohibas were much more expensive. Thanks for letting me know. And wtf, I'm gonna have to look into joining the Cigar Rights soon.

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Hard to see the detail with my phone but fake it is...
They call me The Mum - Jimmie the Mum
Viva Mumcero - Mahk 12/4/2010 -
Honorary Shield Brother
Weak people seek Revenge, Strong people Forgive, Intelligent people Ignore
"The Cuban Cohiba, released in 1968, rapidly became one of the most sought-out cigars in the world, largely due to the relevance the Cuban government gave to this brand. For more than a decade, the cigar was reserved for gifts to diplomatic officials visiting the island. In the 1970s, General Cigars, who owned the mark in the United States, began marketing their Dominican made version in the American market. Another Cohiba cigar followed, also made in Dominican Republic, by the Montecristi factory.

After General Cigars won a legal battle against the distributors of Montecristi's Cohiba, General Cigar's Cohiba underwent a complete image makeover to further distinguish the brand from the yellow-and-black banded Cohibas. The new band consists of two thick black stripes on the top and bottom of the band. The remainder of the band is white, except for the name COHIBA in black, bold letters, with a red dot inside the "O" and the red oval with the words "HAND MADE" in small black letters. Thus, the brand with the new look became known as "Cohiba Red Dot". "

From what I've read, they suck.
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